Copper sinks maintenance and care products are guaranteed to be manufactured with the highest quality standards and workmanship level. However, our customers need to understand that the products are made of copper - a metal that constantly reacts to external agents like water, oxygen, chemicals and more. Natural reaction to water and oxygen will maintain the beauty of the patina in an everlasting changing form - that is the beauty of copper. 

However, harsh chemicals could otherwise erase the patina, leaving the color of copper natural. As the copper has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties there is no need to clean it with harsh chemicals. Only clean it with a mild soap and water and it will maintain its patina and beautiful look. Foods and beverages with alcohol or other hard contents may affect slightly the look of your copper sink, therefore when these contents are in contact with your sink just avoid having them linger in the sink with a simple water flush. The patina is designed in a way to maintain the warmth look even after there are color reactions due to external agents.

You may want to wax your copper sinks in order to maintain its brightness and new look from time to time. Try natural bees wax as it will work best. If a spot or scratch appears on your sink, do not worry. Just do not wax your sink for a few weeks and it will regain its patina color. Just let the copper recover. Simply Amazing!!

Copper care recommendations

– Do not leave wine glasses with wine in your kitchen sink without washing it or just rinsing it

– Do not leave lemons or any other food with acid in the kitchen sink

– Do not clean your copper sink with harsh chemicals as they may erase the patina and bring the natural color of copper

Products that may affect the copper sinks

Ketchup, citrics, shaving cream, perfume/cologne, nail polish remover, mustard, vinegar, cleaning chemicals, acid juices, alcoholic beverages, hair perm chemicals, shampoos and body soaps with EDTA, toothpaste, drain openers, toilet bowl cleaners, and in general products that contain acids or abrasives.

- Do not let acid or abrasive materials or food linger in the sink. Wash and rinse after these materials are in contact with your sink.  Following these simple instructions guarantees that you will own a copper sink forever!