Buy Copper Sinks Direct

copper sinks direct

There are many advantages associated with buying copper sinks direct from the factory.

By buying direct, you get the best price on your copper sinks, without cutting on the quality of the product. The cut in price is in the middle man, not in the product.
Control. You have more control of your order. You have the ability to customize your order to fit the sizes, styles and finishes you require.
Quality. You are buying a product from a serious and profesional company, which is in total control of the supply chain of your copper sink, from the moment your order is placed in production, to the time it is delivered at your door. Our company is in charge of the entire supply chain management. We take extra care and precaution that you order will arrive at the best quality standards and at the right time. We stand behing our copper products with our 100% satrisfaction guarantee and 30 day risk free return policy.