Copper Sinks From Mexico

copper sinks from mexico

There are many advantages associated with buying copper sinks direct from the factory.

Mexico was not only the first manufacturer of copper sinks, but the best. Copper sinks made in Mexico have many advantages compared to those imported from India or China. First, it is about design, craftsmanship and inspiration.

In Mexico, all copper sinks are handcrafted and hand tailored. Copper sinks coming from India and China are mass produced. The flexibility with designs, custom work and finishes in Mexico is impressive. You have thousands of products, finishes and styles to choose from. You can creat your own, or modify existing ones to adapt to your needs.

Mexican copper sinks have a heavier gauge than those manufactured in India and China. Therefore, Mexican copper sinks are more durable and efficient. You will see the difference right away of a copper sink manufactured in Mexico.

copper sink manufactured in Mexico