About our copper sinks

copper sinks from mexico

Copper sinks are a beautiful, natural and mystical product for your kitchen,bath or bar furniture and fixtures. The main advantages of copper sinks, lie in their antibacterial and antimicrobial capability, as copper prevents bacteria formation in a natural way, making the copper sinks a green and environmentally safe option for your kitchen, bar and bath. By preventing bacteria formation, you will use less chemicals, desinfectants and cleaners on your sink. And you will have a natural way to keep your kitchen, bar and bath healthy and clean.

Copper sinks are made of recycled copper, which makes them even more environmentally friendly. And not only for the fact that they come from recycled products, but also for the fact that copper is an endlessly recyclable material, making your copper sink recyclable even when its lifetime as a sink has ended and you do not need it anymore. Copper is an expensive material that will pay off at time of dissposal. 

Our copper sinks are manufactured following strict: Quality guidelines and Construction practices.